…with over 10 years’ event management experience covering all types of ¬†consumer, client focused and corporate events including conferences, exhibitions, gala dinners, drinks receptions, outdoor experiential product launches and sport and fundraising events I noticed how with my friends and family my job was slowly crossing over to my personal life.

I was suddenly suggesting themes to¬†friends for their wedding or advising on what they needed to do to make their special day as stress free and enjoyable as possible as well as organising something a bit different for a night out or birthday celebration of close ones or helping create decorations for a child’s birthday party!

It dawned on me that although I’ve loved living and breathing events for so long it isn’t actually something everyone finds exciting; they love the actual day itself – the amazing food, the creative cocktail menu, the fun boogie with the band on the dance floor; but everything that comes before that isn’t what they want. Sleepless nights, silly squabbles and stress on the day trying to make sure that everything you had imagined in your head as how your day would turn out is actually going on and feeling incredibly annoyed that the table setting you wanted isn’t in the place you wanted it.

Throughout my upcoming blogs I hope to give you all an insight into organising events and how to make sure you stay sane throughout the planning stage. A sign for me of a good event is struggling to sleep the night after your event because of the flashes of fun and laughter filled memories from it. There are many blogs out there but I wanted to tell them in a more fun and real way so where possible will be sharing stories from actual events I have been a part of.

Lots of Love Emma x