I always loved reading fairy tales when I was growing up where good always overcame evil. There was always something magical about them and I would read them over and over again. One of my all time favourites is Hansel and Gretel which I think is probably mainly due to the house made of candy which I would dream of one day building!

I have always felt that life can be an analogy of a fairy tale with the challenges and bad times we have to overcome to feel the happier times. From an events point of view I always feel there is something magical when planning an event and the energy you can feel in the room when you’ve hit exactly the right atmosphere that you were aiming for.

A wedding is for me one of the epic lifetime events that for many couples out there will be their very own “fairy tale”. From an event planner perspective a wedding is so much more than just a “big party”. Something unplanned may always happen at any event but for a bride and groom on their wedding day the possibility of something not going quite according to plan is not an option.

For me the key to having your “fairy tale” wedding is to ensure that from the start of your planning you do a thorough review of your resources including the time and money you have. Get these two elements right and it will be smooth sailing for you with a little bit of stress along the way, get these two elements wrong and you will start forgetting about the “fairy tale” wedding and get burdened and stressed out by the planning.

Do you believe in fairytales?

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